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Z1 Fortified Ceramic Coating

Z1 Fortified Ceramic Coating

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Engineered with advanced crystalising ceramic coating that elevates brilliance and colour vividness on any automotive paintwork. OSREN Z1 Fortified Ceramic Coating is made in Japan with improved chemical resistance and stain protection, offering exceptional durability.

Maintain a showroom-like shine and confidence with Z1’s unique beautification and protection.

-Uncompromised Stain Protection
-Vivid Colour Enhancement
-Extreme Chemical Resistance PH 1-14
-Exceptional resilience against bird poor and hard water etching

-Super-Charged Hydrophobicity
-9H+ Hardness
-Superior Slickness

*PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY (Osren Certified Detailers)

Usage: A 30ml bottle of Osren Z1 Fortified Ceramic Coating  will coat three (2) small to medium size cars. Z1 Fortified Ceramic Coating can also be layered after 2 hours from its initial coat. 

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