Paint Protection

Coatz inorganic glass paint protection coating:

OSREN Coatz Absolute Paintwork Coating is engineered with inorganic glass compositions, otherwise known as silicone dioxides (Sio2), that creates a hard & durable crystallised coat over the paintwork.

OSREN Coatz Absolute Paintwork Coating enhances painted surfaces and plastics with a deep rich gloss that lasts extremely long and is VOC Free. It also gives a turbo-like water repelling effect due to its intense hydrophobicity, allowing cars to be cleaned and maintain that gallery finish easily.

*High Chemical Resistance Ph 2 - Ph 13

*Outstanding Stain & Abrasion Resistance

*VOC Free

*Increased Colour Depth

*Made In Japan

Our Osren Coatz package inclusions:

*Snow foam chemical, decontamination pre wash
*High pressure wash 2 bucket hand wash
*Wheels High Pressure Cleaned
*Door Jambs Cleaned
*Tyres Shined
*Clay Bar
*Single stage paint correction/,enhancement
*Full isopropyl wipe down
*Painted surfaces coated