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Trigger Spray Bottle (1 Litre) (Chemical Resistant)

Trigger Spray Bottle (1 Litre) (Chemical Resistant)

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For harsh degreasers and solvents based cleaning chemicals like tar spot removers can cause normal sprayers to degenerate fast.

The only solution to aggressive cleaning chemicals are non other than these Chemical Resistant Trigger Sprayers that come with a synthetic o-ring & pistons to better hold against harsh cleaning chemicals even D-limonene.

*Keep away from extreme acid base cleaners and high viscosity liquids. 

Functions: To dispense harsh cleaning chemicals and other low viscosity liquids. 


Bottle Capacity: 1 litre (Comes with embossed measuring scale) 

Sprayer Output: 1.4ml Per Stroke 

Spray Pattern: Adjustable Nozzle

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