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Tempest 2.0 Paint Correction Kit

Tempest 2.0 Paint Correction Kit

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Perfect every detail of your ride with OSREN’s Tempest 2.0 Paint Correction Kit. The 3” paint correction approach allows for paint correction to be performed at difficult surfaces where regular-sized polisher would find difficult to maneuver.

Whether it’s bumpers, aftermarket body kits or the various pillars of the car, this paint correction kit is made for the finickiest.

Equipped with various polishing abrasives and pads, the Tempest 2.0 Paint Correction Kit is capable of correcting defects such as heavy swirls to minor imperfections to restore shine in every convex and concave of your ride.

Consist of:
- OSREN Tempest 2.0 Dual Action Polisher (8mm)
- NAO Compound 46 (300ml)
- NAO Polish 36 (300ml)
- Perfect Cut 20 (300ml)
- 3.5” Foam Disc Grey Heavy Cutting (90mm)
- 3.5” Nano Wool Pad Blue Foam (80mm)
- 3.5” Foam Disc White Polishing (90mm)
- 3.5” Foam Disc Black Finishing (90mm)
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