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Soft Paint Correction Bundle

Soft Paint Correction Bundle

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Soft paint can be finicky and oftentimes demanding when it comes to refining. OSREN’s Soft-Paint Correction Bundle is assembled so paint correction is made easy on soft and sticky paint with a dual-action polisher.

Designed for soft and sticky paint.

Recommended Steps:

  1. Compound with OSREN Nao Compound 46 with Nano Blue Wool to remove heavy defects on paint.

  2. Polish with OSREN Perfect Cut 20 with White Polish Disc to remove light defects.

  3. Optional : If micro swirls are present, refine with OSREN Perfect Cut 20 with Black Finishing Disc to remove micro defects.

Bundle Consist of:

OSREN Nao Compound 46 x 1

OSREN Perfect Cut 20 x 1

5” Nano Blue Wool x 1

5” White Polishing Disc x 1

5" Black finishing Disc x 1


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