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Hard Paint Levelling Bundle

Hard Paint Levelling Bundle

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Hard Paints are tough paints that are deemed less responsive during the polishing process. Often requires adjustment of a more aggressive combination of pad and polish abrasive to remove defects.

OSREN’s Hard Paint Levelling bundle is tailored to remove orange peel, while leaving behind a sheer mirror-shine gloss on paint. The combination of NAO Leveler 56 and Nao Compound 46 is uniquely designed for hard paint levelling and swirl removal without any complication perfectly finished to a higher gloss finish with Nao 36 Polish.

Recommended Steps:

  1. Level with Nao Leveler 56 paired with FD2000 Denim Pad on a dual-action polisher using medium low speed

  2. Compound with Nao Compound 46 paired with Nano Blue Wool using medium high speed.

  3. Refine with Nao Polish 36 paired with White Polishing Disc using medium low speed/low speed


Bundle Consist of:

Nao Leveler 56 x 1

Nao Compound 46 x 1

Nao Polish 36 x 1

5” FD 2000 Denim Pad x 2

5” Nano Blue Wool x 1

5” White Polishing Disc x 1

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