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Osren Australia

OSREN Luminous Leather Clean & Protect Bundle

OSREN Luminous Leather Clean & Protect Bundle

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OSREN Luminous Leather Clean & Protect Kit

Luminous Leather Lather is a cleaner formulated to remove grease, light stains and unwanted dirt on leather surfaces. The water-based formulation allows the surfactants to penetrate microscopically and breaks soil away easily for removal. Safe and does not discolour the leather.

Luminous Leather Salve protects the leather from cracking, UV rays and drying. Formulated with natural lipids that are safe for physical contact of skin. Makes leather soft and supple to the touch while protecting it from unwanted moisture.

• Cleans without drying the leather
• Removes dirt, grime, oils and light stains from leather surfaces
• Safe for all types of leathers including Nappa leathers
• No harsh chemicals
• Recommended to dress with Luminous Leather Salve for a complete leather care regime

• Made with natural lipids that protect the leather from drying and cracking
• Keeps leather soft and supple
• All leather safe
• Non-greasy formulation
• Natural sheen finishing

Luminous Leather Clean & Protect Kit includes:

• Leather Lather (545ml)
• Leather Salve (300ml)

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