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Osren Australia

Hurricane 2.0 Paint Levelling Kit

Hurricane 2.0 Paint Levelling Kit

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Produce mirror-shine with OSREN’s Hurricane Paint Levelling Kit. Removing orange-peel and other severe defects are made easier with the usage of Hurricane Dual Action Polisher paired with OSREN’s N.A.O leveler 56 abrasive and pads.

Remove heavy swirls and severe defects such as orange peel or severe etched water spots on the paint. The Paint Levelling Kit puts together a series of combination to produce the ultimate shine and gloss on any types of paint.

Level orange peel, remove severe defects and polish to a swirl-free finishing with this kit.

Consists of:
- OSREN Hurricane 2.0 Dual Action Polisher (15mm Throw)
- NAO Leveler 56 (330g)
- NAO Compound 46 (300ml)
- NAO Polish 36 (300ml)
- 5.5” Levelling Foam Denim (140mm)
- 5.5” Levelling Foam Velvet (140mm)
- 5.5” Nano Wool Pad Blue Foam (140mm)
- 5.5” Cool DA Foam Pad Orange Light Cutting (140mm)

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