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Osren Australia

Hard Paint Correction Bundle

Hard Paint Correction Bundle

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Swirls and defects on hard paint can be at times laborious. OSREN Hard-Paint Correction Bundle is put together to simplify the process. Assembled to remove heavy defects even on scratch-resistant paints.

Recommended Steps:

  1. Compound with NAO Compound 46 paired with Nano Blue Wool to remove heavy defects. Use higher speed for removal of defects and lower speed for medium cutting power.

  2. Refine with NAO Polish 36 paired with either Microfibre Cutting Pad or White Polish Disc to remove micro-swirls.

Bundle Consist of:

NAO Compound 46 x 1

NAO Polish 36 x 1

5” Nano Blue Wool x 1

5” Microfibre Cutting Pad x 1

5” White Polishing Disc x 1

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