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Grit Guard Wash System

Grit Guard Wash System

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Our Grit Guard Wash System is the safest wash system currently used to minimise the chance of creating swirl marks and light scratching.

You would want a bucket that allows the Grit Guard to sit right at the bottom and firmly. If the Grit Guard rotates as the water spins due to agitation, this will lose its ability to keep the dirt below it increasing risk of contaminating your wash mitt causing swirls.

Look no further, Our Grit Guard plus our 20 litre buckets will keep debris trapped at the bottom of the bucket ensuring a swirl free wash every time, we’ve got everything you need here.

Kit Includes:

20 litre Wash Bucket – For your car auto shampoo

20 litre Rinse Bucket – For rinsing your wash mitt releasing any grit and grime ,keeping your wash bucket water clean "place your grit guard in this bucket"

1 Grit Guard
2 lids

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