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Grit Guard

Grit Guard

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Washing is the most important step in maintaining a scratch and mar free finish. Improper wash techniques and mediums will leave tons of wash marring (very fine hairline scratches) that distorts a well detailed vehicle. 

One of the solution to a better, safer wash process is to add a Grit Guard in your shampoo/rinse bucket. 

Grit Guard will keep dirt at the bottom of the bucket as the Grit Guard will separate the water into four quadrants and water below the Grit Guard will not be disturbed due to agitation. Meaning to say dirt will very much less likely to be transferred back to the car when you rinse your mitt or when you want to dip for more shampoo. 

Pair with OSREN Buckets that fit the Grit Guard perfectly (sold separately).

Separates the grit / dirt from the mitt.

Available Colours: 
Red, Black 

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