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OSREN Luminous Essential Bundle

OSREN Luminous Essential Bundle

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Essential bundle to maintain, restore and enhance your car’s paint like new.

OSREN’s Luminous Essential Bundle consist 3 quintessential detailing products that will get your car shiny in 3 simple steps. Enjoy greater savings with this bundle.

Luminous Essential bundle includes:
- Luminous Automotive Wash (600ml)
- Luminous Paintwork Polish (300mll)
- Luminous Paintwork Coat (300ml)

Step 1:
Wash your car with Luminous Automotive Wash to remove dirt and grime on car. Its high lubricity is gentle on any surface yet effective in removing pollutants.

Step 2:
Polish with Luminous Paintwork Polish. Gently massage polish onto paint and buff immediately. Removes below-surface pollutants and restore gloss to your car.

Step 3:
Coat with Luminous Paintwork Coat. Spray onto paint, spread with a microfibre towel and buff off excess to reveal a high-shine finish.
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