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Edgeless Microfibre Towel (350gsm) (40x40cm) (1pkt x 24)

Edgeless Microfibre Towel (350gsm) (40x40cm) (1pkt x 24)

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Confused with the many types of cloths and towels in the market? Looking for one that does it all? Look no further! OSREN Microfibre Towel 40x40 is a universal detailing towel made of standard microfibre cloth to cater to polishing, buffing and drying. You can use it to wash and dry cars, buff of wax or coatings and for hand polishing. 

Function:                      All purpose detailing towel 
Packing Size:               1pkt x 24pcs 
Dimension:                   40x40cm (Per Piece) 
Specification:               350g/m2 (Per Piece) 
Available Colours:       Blue

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