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Magic Clay Cloth (40x40cm)

Magic Clay Cloth (40x40cm)

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The safest and simplest way to create a smooth finish is non other than claying. Cars are frequently exposed to pollutants such as industrial fall outs, dust particles, tar spots and many more. Most of these pollutants are not visible to the eyes but when you run your fingers across the paintwork, you will find all these pollutants protruding the surface and has already embedded onto the finish. 

A Detailing Clay acts as a substance that “pulls out” these embedded contaminants without harming the clear coat. It is a proven tool to remove embedded contaminants without scouring or polishing the surface. 

Cut your claying time in half or faster with OSREN Magic Clay Cloth. 

OSREN Magic Clay Cloth is actually Detailing Clay material affixed onto a microfiber towel giving users a much larger working surface as well as flexibility to contour over convex or concave surfaces easily. The microfibre towel also acts to hold water to lubricate the claying process. 


Towel Size: 40x40cm 
Towel Colour: Blue 
Clay Colour: Dark Grey
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