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Nano Wash

Nano Wash

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Ultra concentrated PH neutral car shampoo that does what it does - clean, without harming the paint or removing waxes whilst enhancing coated cars with its nano polymer ingredients.

OSREN’s Nano Wash shampoo is designed to quickly and reliably encapsulate dirt and grime off your vehicle with optimal lubrication so you can clean without dulling the paint while keeping its original gloss. 

Features & Functions: 

Paint, wax and coating safe PH neutral car shampoo that’s formulated with nano technology to make it super concentrated with extreme suds. 

- 1:10 For use with OSREN Foam Lance + cool water high pressure cleaner 
- 1:300 For use with pneumatic powered snow wash tank 
- 1:400 For bucket wash 

Availble Size: 
4 Litres
20 Litres

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