Absolute Paintwork Coating (30ml)

OSREN Coatz 01 Absolute Paintwork Coating is engineered with inorganic glass compositions, otherwise known as silicone dioxides (Sio2), that creates a crystallized coat over the paintwork for the absolute paint enhancement.

OSREN Coatz 01 Absolute Paintwork Coating enhances painted surfaces and plastics with a deep rich gloss that lasts extremely long.
It also gives a turbo-like water repelling effect due to its intense hydrophobicity, allowing cars to be cleaned and maintain that gallery finish easily.

Hardness: 9H

Active Composition: 70% 

Stain Resistance: Ph 2 - PH 13

Created for hot & humid climates: 
Exceptional UV resistance 

Water Beading Angle:
>105 degrees

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