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Leveling Foam Velvet 3000 (2 Pack)

Leveling Foam Velvet 3000 (2 Pack)

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To remove Orange Peel, you will need a pad that is somewhat hard, flat and less polish absorbent. Reason to it is because Orange Peel are “Hills” of the clear coat and it can only be “shaved” off from top down. If the pads were soft, it will somewhat “hug” the “hills” and “shave” uniformly down. So the “hills” will still remain as “hills”. 

Leveling Foam Velvet is made of corduroy which are similar to denim but slightly softer to cater for soft/sticky OEM paint. The polishing abrasives will be held onto the pad’s surface and compound away orange peel and other deeper defects. 


  1. Corduroy is the 2nd most aggressive pad type in our lineup and it is used to remove Orange Peel, P1200 or finer sanding scratches, dust nibs, severe oxidation, overspray and deep etchings.
  2. Straight Cut Edge allows users to work closer to edges of the paintwork.
  3. Ergonomic design gives the best performance with less wastage.

2x5.5" Diameter x 6mm Thickness 
2x3.5" Diameter x 6mm Thickness 


Hook and Loop 
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