Osren Australia

Osren Australia 

We bring shine to life

Osren Australia are a company that dedicates our best to offer auto detailing products that clean, shine and protect every possible surface of a car. We don't only sell products, we also offer technical advice, professional training and ongoing support in almost every aspect of auto detailing. 

Our passion is to drive a clean and shiny car everyday and we want to share what we love with you!

What gives us an edge over others in this industry is simply our team of master detailers such as Director Justin Camilleri who still operates a successful detailing businesses and continually works on research and development weekly to deliver better result and more time efficient detailing techniques used on new and old vehicles which keeps the Osren Australia team up to date with any automotive manufacturer changes and how we can produce the very best in car care for the automotive industry and our customers. 

We constantly strive to introduce new, if not better products that benefits professionals and car owners alike. We believe that there will always be something simpler yet more effective which we strive to deliver.

Whether you're a professional, a weekend enthusiast or someone who want to start to give their ride a little more care, we would love to hear you out, moreover we would be more than happy to share our experiences and knowledge on auto detailing with you.

Come embark on a never ending pursuit for perfection.

Justin Camilleri

Professional Detailer | Head Trainer

Over the last 10 years of operating a detailing business, Justin has provided one of the most valuable detailing, paint correction and ceramic coating services by striving to achieve the best results for his clients.

Starting off in a franchise in 2008, Justin’s team managed to grow into a two staff members, with over 50 regular clients to serve fortnightly, in multiple industries from commercial and government fleets to car enthusiasts and regular car owners.

In 2014 Justin's business strategy changed and his business model specialised in paint correction and ceramic coating, as he found satisfaction in removing paint imperfections like swirl marks, scratches, dust nibs and orange peel.

In 2016, he began to expand his services after his clients requested for professional auto detailing products to be used on their cars. Justin began the search looking for and researching the very best products from the most popular brands to keep his clients satisfied.

After trailing multiple brands and products with ongoing research and development Justin soon realised the need for better products. He expanded his search for low dust and easy wipe off polishes and solutions that do what they say and work.

This led to the launch of OSREN Australia, a one stop detailing solutions provider. With ranges of products from with easy-to-wipe, dust free compounds, different cleaning & dressing solutions, high quality pads, accessories, etc….On top of that, OSREN Australia is also a specialised training and detailing centre with unmatched industry leading technical support.

Justin's core focus as a team member at OSREN Australia is to provide the automotive detailing industry with the very best professional products. Justin's product knowledge and customer service in the industry is what separates him from others, as he enjoys seeing his clients getting excellent results and is more than happy to pick up the phone and talk anything related to detailing to ensure you get the very best results with OSREN’s range of products to achieve the flawless finish every time.