Osren Coatz 01 Paintwork Coating (9H) Warranty


Vehicle must be continuously registered within Australia.

  1. Any treatment / re-treatment of Osren Coatz 01 Paintwork coating must be applied / re-applied by a trained Osren applicator. If any treatment, cleaning, repair or other work is carried out on the vehicle without Osren Australia or a Licensed Osren Approved applicator prior written authorisation, the warranty will be invalid.
  2. Osren approved applicator must be notified of failure of product performance within 30 days of occurrence. Failure to notify your Osren approved applicator within 30 days will relieve Osren Australia and Osren approved applicator of all responsibilities under this warranty.
  3. The customer shall have the vehicle inspected cleaned, (clay barred if required) and topped with Osren paintwork coat every 12 months from the anniversary of the application date plus or minus 30 days.
  4. The customer shall have the vehicle inspected at either a Osren store or an authorised Osren Coatz applicator. Authorised Osren coatz approved applicator may at their discretion charge for their service.
  5. The customer shall undertake further application of Osren products to the vehicle as are recommended by Osren approved applicators durring inspection.
  6. Vehicle must be inspected and re-treated when due as per the terms of the warranty.
  7. Warranty is Non-Transferable
  8. The Warranty is governed by laws of New South Wales and Osren Australia and the customer agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales in respect to any dispute arising in respect of the warranty.


  1. Customer neglect. i.e. Failure to maintain due care of the treated surface results in warranty void.
  2. Pre-existing damage or deterioration is excluded from this warranty.
  3. Terms and Conditions are not adhered to.
  4. Exposure to abnormal & harsh chemicals.
  5. Failure to repair & retreat damaged sections.
  6. Damages caused by modifications to the vehicle e.g. mirror, roof racks, DVD install, etc....
  7. Areas not treated with Osren 01 absolute paintwork coating.
  8. Any claim in respect of damage caused by unusual atmospheric conditions including not limited to hail, salt spray or chemicals.
  9. Any claims for matters which are covered by a warranty provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle.
  10. Any claim in respect of manufacturers imperfections.


OSREN COATZ 01 ABSOLUTE PAINTWORK COATING  - New & Used Vehicles, Five (5) Year Warranty, subject to inspections

Should the treated factory painted surfaces be damaged by colour fading or loss of gloss from the sun's harmful UV rays, Osren Australia or Approved applicator will repair or clean (at its option) any failed section and retreat the damaged area at no cost to the owner providing that the owner maintains the vehicle in the manner described under Osren Australia's correct washing maintenance and adheres to the terms & conditions within this warranty.

Warranty Conditions and Exclusions

  1. In the event of damage to the factory painted surface caused by collision, accident, vandalism or abuse, the vehicle must be taken to an authorised Osren Applicator or Osren store for re-treatment at the owners or insurer's expense. The owner must present their proof of Warranty via valid invoice of the application with the vehicles (Make/Model, VIN Number and Registration Number) noted so it may receive an updated endorsement of treatment.
  2. This warranty does not cover stone chipping, surface rust, marring, abnormal chemical fallout or spillage, untreated panel repair or replacement; bore water spotting, scratching, abrasions, manufactures imperfections or paint imperfections such as paint flaking, peeling, foreign matter in paint, orange peel or clear coat separation. In addition to the above listed items Osren Coatz 01 Absolute Paintwork Coating is resistant to but not warranted against bug splatter, tree sap, bird droppings or bat droppings.
  3. To maintain the validity of this Warranty the vehicle must be presented to an authorised Osren Applicator or Osren Store within thirty (30) days before or after the first anniversary of treatment application and there after on each subsequent anniversary.
  4. This warranty is only valid from the invoice date and Vehicle Details (Make/Model, VIN Number and Registration Number) have been stated on the invoice within 30 days of the application date.

Warranty Claim

In the event of a warranty claim this warranty is limited to the below maximum amounts at Osren Australia's option.

  1. Osren Australia or Osren Applicator shall arrange for the successful claim area to be cleaned, repaired, rejuvenated or repainted and retreated with Osren 01 Absolute Paintwork Coating at no charge to the customer; or
  2. Pay the customer the maximum amount of $1,000.00 in full and final settlement of the customers claim under warranty.